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SC (B) 10/11 series resin insulated dry-type power transformers
SC (B) 10/11 series resin insulated dry-type power transformers conforms to GB1094.11-2007, GB/T10228-2008 and other standards in performance, the product has such advantages as low loss, small size, light weight, low noise, moisture-proof, stain resistance, crack resistance, impact resistance, fire-retardant, strong overload capacity and small partial discharge (partial discharge is less than 15PC) etc. This product can be widely used in power transmission systems, hotels, high-rise buildings, commercial centers, stadiums, petrochemical plants, subways, railway stations, airports, marine sites and other places. It is especially suitable for load centers and places with special fire protection requirements.

S11 Series completed sealed oil-immersed power transformers
S11 series completely sealed transformers are made with advanced technology, have such good features as low empty load loss, anti-lightning surge, high short circuit capacity, obvious energy savings, and significant social and economic benefits; they are ideal products for reconstruction of the two networks of the country. The products use full oil-filled sealing without oil storage tanks; the oil volume changes caused by temperature and load changes in the transformer can be adjusted by the elasticity of the oil tan of the transformer. This series of products belong to new domestic energy-efficient products at present.

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